Recruiting Central

Statement on Recruiting

As a member of Division III of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the USA South Athletic Conference, N.C. Wesleyan College and all representatives of this institution's athletics interest will abide by applicable NCAA and USA South regulations regarding the recruitment of student-athletes. Illegal benefits or inducements will not be offered to prospective student-athletes in order to encourage them to attend N.C. Wesleyan or to participate in varsity athletics.

Members of the Department of Athletics have a specific responsibility to provide prospective student-athletes information about the sports programs and the athletics philosophy of N.C. Wesleyan. The Office of Admissions has sole responsibility for the admission of student-athletes. to N.C. Wesleyan, including review of applicable materials, transcripts, and credentials. All recruited prospective student-athletes must meet the same standards for admission as any other N.C. Wesleyan student. Decision about which students are admitted and the awarding of Financial Aid are made by the Office of Admissions and the Office of Financial Aid, respectively. In accordance with NCAA regulations, the Department of Athletics has no representation or direct influence in these offices.

N.C. Wesleyan College strictly prohibits any member of the athletic booster group (Battling Bishops Club) from participating in an off-campus recruiting activity involving personal contact with potential student-athletes. Each member of the college's athletic booster organization, prospective student-athletes (and their parents and high school coaches if possible) at least annually, will be sent the statement on recruiting so as to adequately explain acceptable and prohibited NCAA recruiting practices.

All prospective student-athletes who wish to visit the campus must do so at their own expense.  The college is permitted to house and feed prospective student-athletes as they would any other prospective student. Athletic department personnel are permitted to transport prospective student-athletes from the airport to campus and back, however this may be done only once. All athletic department personnel who may be involved in recruiting student-athletes are required to know all NCAA regulations regarding Division III recruiting. Periodic continuing education programs regarding applicable NCAA and USA South recruiting rules and their intent will be conducted.

To insure integrity and high standards of ethical behavior, there will be periodic monitoring of compliance with these recruiting policies and procedures by the Director of Athletics.