NCAA Tournament vs Scranton Live Updates

NCAA Tournament vs Scranton Live Updates

NCWU NCAA Tourney Updates

 In the first-ever NCAA Tournament game for the Bishops in 12 years, Wesleyan got off to a hot start. Scoring the first 6 points of the game in the first two minutes.

 U 20:00 -  Lewis scored 2 easy layups and the stifling defense was able to put pressure on the ball and forced 3 turnovers in the same time period and did not give up a point.

 U 16:00 - Scranton would make a comeback with their 3-point shooting which has been key all year for them. Scranton was able to cut the lead to 1 and put Isaiah Lewis in foul trouble while forcing Wesleyan to commit 4 turnovers during the stanza

 U 12:00 - Manley and Jalen Mattocks would sub in for Wesleyan both making immediate impacts on the game. Manley drove the lane and forced a big blocking call on Scranton that tied the contest. Then, Manley was able to hit two big free throws to take the lead for Wesleyan. Through the first 8 minutes of the contest, the Bishops held the #1 3 PT shooting team in America to under 25% from behind the arc and forced 5 turnovers. Guard Marquis Eskew also had a tremendous impact on the game by gathering 3 clutch rebounds.

 U 8:00 - The Bishops would go on a 13-0 run during the U 8:00 stretch. Once again, turnovers were the driving force behind the run and forced Scranton to call a timeout. Unfortunately, in the next two minutes, Scranton would go on a run by making 2 3's and cutting the Wesleyan lead to 4. Junior Khalid Chavis-Hinds has been a dominant force for Wesleyan scoring 10 points and adding 2 boards to the contest. Wesleyan leads 31-27.

 U 4:00 - The Bishops take a 35-29 lead going into the break. A huge buzzer-beater by Khalid Chavis-Hinds swung the momentum completely in Wesleyan's favor. Hinds has 12 points going into the half.

 2nd Half

 U 20:00 - Isaiah Lewis came back in the game and made a tremendous and-one dunk that would extend the Wesleyan lead to 8. Kyron Kelly also got on the scoreboard and had a tremendous presence in the post for Wesleyan to control the rebounding battle 19-13. Wesleyan leads 42-34.

 U 16:00 - The Bishops would get out to a double-digit lead started by Isaiah Lewis who got a huge block that led to a run-out by Dixon. Khalid Chavis-Hinds also added 2 big buckets during the period. Bishops lead 50-41.

 U 12:00 - Wesleyan would hold their double-digit lead to start the stanza, but big baskets by Scranton would cut the lead to 4 before a Wesleyan timeout. The bright spots in the period were a big Chavis-Hinds 3 and Kyron Kelly getting big baskets and rebounds for the Bishops. Wesleyan leads 55-51. 


 U 8:00 - The Bishops took advantage of rebounding and were able to extend their lead into the half. At the break, Wesleyan's leading scorer was Khalid Chavis-Hinds with 12 and Marquis Eskew was the leading rebounder with 4. Bishops lead 35-24.

 U 4:00 - Scranton was able to complete the comeback on a late foul called on Wesleyan on Scranton's last possession. The Bishops were not able to convert in the final seconds. A missed shot by Dixon and a blocked put-back by Kyron Kelly ended the game in favor of Scranton. The final score was 65-64.